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Commercial Insurance

You protect your home and vehicles with insurance. You protect your health with insurance. Most people wouldn't be without any of these vital forms of insurance. But if you're a business owner, there is one more type of coverage that is crucial to have commercial insurance. Just like the other insurance types, it's smart to never be without it in case of an emergency.

Different types of commercial insurance are available in Texas from Kubena Insurance Agency. The most common types are commercial liability and commercial property policies. There are further subtypes of those kinds of insurance as well. Commercial liability insurance can protect your business from liability due to several different perils. Some choose insurance that covers things that happen in the store, and some cover things your business is involved with out of the store.

Commercial property insurance operates much like your homeowners' insurance. It protects your business' value from being damaged or destroyed by any of several perils that are laid out in your policy. This type of insurance varies depending on what you want it to cover, the size of your business, and the nature of what you sell and how business is done. Even if you rent a business space from someone else who has a commercial property policy on the building, your losses as a tenant will not be protected by that policy. It is smart for every business owner to have a commercial policy.

If you have a Texas business that is not insured or is not insured by enough, call us at Kubena Insurance Agency to see how we can help you protect your business. We can put together a personalized policy for you that covers just what you want it to, as well as suggesting other policies that might benefit your lifestyle.

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